Teen who helped create Firefox profiled

Netscape's storied heritage with young programmers added another chapter today as this profile of Blake Ross hit the wire. The kid kicked off the Firefox project with another Netscape programmer, David Hyatt, at age 17. He even worked at Netscape for a while before that:
Colleagues who worked with Ross only online were surprised when they met him to find "a scrawny 15-year-old kid," recalled Chris Hofmann, engineering director at the Mozilla Foundation.

To take an internship at Netscape during the summer of 2001, Ross moved with his mother to a rented apartment near Netscape's offices in Mountain View, Calif. She drove him to work each morning.

Of course, AOL spun off the Mozilla foundation and Firefox was finished there. Interestingly, Ross's cohort Hyatt left the project to go design Apple's Safari browser.
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