Transmeta licenses technology to Sony

It hasn't taken long for Transmeta to pawn elements of its technology portfolio. Sony has licensed Transmeta's LongRun2 power management and transistor leakage control technologies.
LongRun2 technologies build upon Transmeta's first generation LongRunĀ® power management technology, which pioneered the dynamic adjustment of MHz and voltage, hundreds of times per second, to reduce power consumption. LongRun2 technologies extend this technique further by using Transmeta's proprietary new approach for dynamically adjusting transistor threshold voltages to control transistor leakage. This dynamic control reduces leakage caused by changes in runtime conditions, such as voltage and temperature, which are not predetermined when the chip is manufactured.
Some are speculating that Sony may want to incorporate LongRun2 technologies into its Cell processor, which is slated to power the next PlayStation.
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