Transmeta tease

A day of Comdex has gone by and we still don't know much about that mysterious processor/R&D company, Transmeta. However, the Transmeta web site is supposedly going to be coming online soon with actual content. Right now, the thing only says:
We rethought the processor to create a whole new world of mobility. Arriving January 19th, 2000. The Crusoe processor.
However, Slashdot points out that there's a secret message in the page if you look at the HTML. Here's what the ever-so-exciting message says:
Yes, there is a secret message, and this is it: Transmeta's policy has been to remain silent about its plans until it had something to demonstrate to the world. On January 19th, 2000, Transmeta is going to announce and demonstrate what Crusoe processors can do. Simultaneously, all of the details will go up on this Web site for everyone on the Internet to see. Crusoe will be cool hardware and software for mobile applications. Crusoe will be unconventional, which is why we wanted to let you know in advance to come look at the entire Web site in January, so that you can get the full story and have access to all of the real details as soon as they are available.
How very exciting. Whoopee.
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