The love bug II: Herbie bites back

There is a newer and meaner variant of the ILOVEYOU virus (see previous story here) making the rounds. Although most businesses have probably put the clamps down on the original virus by now, this particular strain of the virus is particularly nasty. Here's how the Washington Post describes what it does:
Like the "Love Bug" scourge that spread to millions of computers two weeks ago, the new virus arrives in an attachment to an e-mail. However, it isn't given away by an "ILOVEYOU" subject line. Instead, the subject line changes to a random word or phrase every time a computer is infected.

"Each time the virus spreads, it mutates itself to evade detection," Symantec Corp., another anti-virus software maker, said in a statement from its Cupertino offices.

The subject line of an infected e-mail starts with "FW: " and includes the name of a randomly chosen attachment from a previous e-mail on an infected computer. The e-mail will have an attachment with the same name, but ending in ".vbs."

Pretty sneaky, sis.

This strain of the ILOVEYOU virus wipes out more than MP3 and JPEG files, too—after mailing itself to your contact list, it will pretty much wipe out all of your files, according to the Post. If you haven't installed patches, updated antivirus definitions, filtered out .vbs files on your mail system, or just changed the .vbs file association to Notepad, this might be a good time to do it.

Of course, none of this is as frightening as the original Love Bug, in my book.

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