Weekly Folding update

Welcome back to the Folding update. We're going to cover a lot of ground today, but first, check out the weekly stats and links. A call to arms is first on the menu today. Just a few short weeks ago, we passed Team Rage3D and as of this writing we're about 500,000 points ahead of them. However, their top folder is back and he means business. Now we all know that The Tech Report is the premier tech site on the web. Are we going to let a site devoted to a stinkin' video card pass us? No! Leor has rallied the troops and we will withstand this threat. SAGoons couldn't pass us, Team Mac OS X couldn't pass us and Rage3D won't pass us. Let's all join together and draw a line in the sand: this far, no further. Get out there and spread the word; TR needs folders. We need an extra 20,000 points per day to stay ahead of Rage3D.

One way to answer that call is by joining UnitedGerbilNation. UGN is a group of folders who have pooled their resources in order to climb the ranks more quickly. Spearheaded by jeffry55's intense recruiting drive, UGN has clawed its way up to the 12th spot on our top 20 producer's list. UGN is a perfect way for those with only a handful of available processors to help stave off Team Rage3D and climb our internal rankings at the same time.

On the Frankenbot front, cass has added another processor to the Diskless Monstrosity, bringing the total number of nodes to eight. Cass has promised us pictures of the Monstrosity and I can't wait to see how he's mounted all the hardware. Unfortunately, the Frankenbot project was recently hit by some part failures that have hurt its production. More RAM is still needed to ensure that all bots have enough memory to handle large 600-point work units, so if you have any DIMMs lying around, let us know.

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