I have been quietly working away behind the scenes on some server changes in the past couple of days. Nothing major has changed, but there may be a few differences in the way you interact with the site, so I'll explain.

First and foremost, we've upgraded the forums slightly. That includes a change to a new default theme, called subSky. If you are an existing user, you may have to go into your profile and select subSky in order to see it. The new theme isn't perfect; we still have some tweaks to make to it. However, it should serve as a decent stand-in for the old DarkBlue theme that was wildly incompatible with Firefox. DarkBlue may be going away soon, in fact. We're discussing the forum upgrades in this thread.

Because of a change introduced by the new forum software revision, if you have a Folding stats image in your forum sig, you will need to modify your sig per this thread in order to make it work right again.

Deeper behind the scenes, the server has been modified to allow us to commit dark magic on incoming HTTP requests. The primary reason for the change is the Santy worm that was pounding on the server, especially on Monday. We've filtered out those requests, which should have a couple of effects. The whole site should be its snappy self again, and the number of users listed in "who's online" in the forums should now be sane once more.

Also, the dark magic on incoming HTTP requests has been extended to any clients still requesting info via our old domain, Those requests will now automagically be redirected to, with the trailing URL intact. Now would be a good time to update your bookmarks to point to, if you haven't yet.

Finally, the most nefarious application of this dark magic prevents folks from posting images from our server as inline images in their own web pages. This change should prevent things like the incident. Now, the image replacement is automatic, as you can see if you scroll down this page. Heh.

I mention this last change in part because I can see in the server logs that some users are getting redirected to the error image when requesting pages from I cannot duplicate this problem myself, no matter what client config I try. If you are seeing weird images on the site's front page, please shoot me some mail with more info on your client config, including browser type, extensions, and any web caching happening in your 'net access. Thanks.

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