Mac Mini boosts hopes for itty bitty PCs

The warm reception and apparent initial sales success of the Mac Mini has Apple's competition excited, according to this intriguing story. Other PC makers are hoping consumers will shift their attentions to smaller form factors:
"I love the product. I think it's beautiful," said Tom Anderson, vice president of marketing for the Consumer PC Global Business Unit at Hewlett-Packard. "If it started a trend of small (desktops)...I'd be very happy about that. It would be a reason for someone to consider a desktop."
The story even gives a nod to Shuttle's XPCs and other small form factor systems, like we've often reviewed. Enthusiasts have also enjoyed playing with even smaller VIA EPIA systems and salivated over AMD's PIC, but neither of those has turned into a mass-market consumer product for North America.

The Mac Mini seems to be different, in part because Apple has turned the teensy concept into a real consumer system. Check out the stream of excited reviews already flowing forth as linked in this forum thread (hat tip to Dirge for the post). Anand's excellent write up is the best of them I've read. He recommends 512MB of RAM, but otherwise seems to think the Mac Mini is a reasonably usable PC.

Will Steve Jobs' incredible salesmanship and the Mac Mini's nifty design and concept finally move the whole PC market toward smaller systems?

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