Intel registers VIIV trademarks

A couple of recent trademark filings are fueling speculation that Intel has a new processor brand in the works.
"Intel Inside VIIV" and "Intel VIIV" were filed as U.S. trademarks last month by the Santa Clara, California-based chip maker, known for its Pentium and Centrino brands. A square graphic, resembling an inkblot or a starfield, was also filed around the same time.
Analysts are speculating that VI and IV could refer to the roman numerals for 6 and 4, suggesting that Intel VIIV refers to an upcoming EM64T branding initiative. Of course, the roman numeral for 64 is LXIV, so maybe not. Another theory suggests that VIIV refers to upcoming dual-core chips, which would be branded as a pair of Pentium 5 processors.

If VIIV is a 64-bit brand, Microsoft could be on the verge of releasing Windows XP-64. After all, it wouldn't do for Intel to push a 64-bit desktop processor without a matching version of Windows. If VIIV refers to dual core chips, the trademark filings lend additional credibility to recent roadmaps that show dual core chips arriving in the second quarter of the year.

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