TR reviews the Razer Boomslang mouse

We had a good conversation with the Razer guys at E3 recently, and I think it kinda lit a fire under Andy's tail about that Boomslang mouse they'd sent him to review—a number of months before. Good thing, too, since Andy has gone and written a pretty darned comprehensive review of this intriguing product in the wake of some critical driver updates, including Windows 2000 drivers.

Personally, I have been most impressed by the Boomslang's mouse wheel. I think it's the best in the business. Also, they're obviously using very high grade plastics for the thing. It just feels "right." Too bad the mouse is a little big and a little too sensitive on some of the buttons; otherwise, it would be the undisputed champion of precision mice. Nevertheless, it's still got more precision than anything else out there (by a mile), and it's the coolest looking gadget I've seen in a while. Read Andy's review for the whole scoop.

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