Shuttle's XPC architect speaks

DigiTimes has a very nice interview with Shuttle's Ken Huang, the architect of the XPC. Huang has some interesting things to say about the Mac Mini, including this:
We think the Mac mini is very positive for Shuttle. Apple is a major IT company, so people will look at what they are doing and start paying more attention to the small-form-factor market, which will help it expand. For Apple, though, its growth will be limited by the fact that the Mac operating system is not really expected to win over more than 5% of the market. At any rate, Shuttle is the leader in the small-form-factor segment for style, performance and quality, so we are the ones who will benefit as the market expands. At Shuttle, we like it when our competitors advertise, because they draw more attention to the small-form-factor segment, even though they lack the quality, style and depth of product that Shuttle provides.
Confident, huh? Read the whole thing for Huang's take on the past, present, and future of small form factor systems.
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