Grease Monkey gaming update service goes live

VIA’s Grease Monkey automated gaming update service has gone live. The new service promises to simplify game patching for $14.95 a year. In addition to offering the latest game patches, maps, and drivers, Grease Monkey also serves up game demos and mods. Grease Monkey's pricing looks very reasonable compared with services like File Planet, which charges $6.95 a month.
By simply clicking on the desktop icon, VIA Grease Monkey carries out a comprehensive scan of a user's library of PC games, automatically generating a list of the latest patches, maps, drivers and other key gaming information necessary for the ideal gaming environment. VIA Grease Monkey then provides direct downloads of all the selected updates through a high speed connection, simply and efficiently.
VIA doesn’t mention how much bandwidth has been allocated to Grease Monkey, but they promise no queues or hassles. You can read more about the service in VIA's Grease Monkey press release.
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