Weekly Folding update

Welcome back to the Folding update. This week is rivalry week, but before we get into that, check out the weekly stats and links. Several months ago, we looked at some of Team TR's hot rivalries. This week, we're going to revisit them and look at a new rivalry brewing in the ranks of The Tech Report's Folding@home team.

Back in October, we looked at the epic battle between Haggis! and Leor. That the battle has ceased and Leor has emerged triumphant. These two titans decided to settle the matter once and for all in a final race for the top 10, which Leor won. Next up for Captain Ahab Leor is a renewed pursuit of the elusive White Whale. Maybe I shouldn't have called him out.

The other battle we looked at in October was the equally epic Just Brew It! vs. Atryus28 tilt. Atryus started this fight when he called out Brew, and neither of them looks ready to end it anytime soon. And lest we forget him, pmeysemb is right there, too. But that's not the real story; Brew has gotten some help from a mystery benefactor. JBI knows who it is and why they're doing it, but he's not telling. Does Brew have a secret admirer, or does someone just really want Atryus to lose this fight? Only JBI and his mystery benefactor know.

Our newest rivalry is between emkubed and myself. I guess I got in the way of emkubed's drive to hold off LordIcon The Shadow and TR's Recruiting Officer, drfish. I've managed to stay ahead thus far, but emkubed has pledged to take the #3 spot away from me. Does anyone want to be my mystery benefactor?

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