alum to launch DRM-free music service

The brains behind the original and Linspire is gearing up to launch a new online music service called MP3tunes that offers DRM-free downloads.
To Robertson, such restrictions are anathema. "I think [DRM] is a problem; I've made no bones about it," he said in an interview Wednesday. "I'm not a fan of DRM. I think it penalizes paying customers. If you can get music from file sharing networks and pay nothing, and then get it from the record guys with a pair of handcuffs attached…I think it's awful."
Details on MP3tunes are scarce at the moment, but more will be revealed next week. If record labels and artists are willing to play ball, MP3tunes could become an attractive alternative to the current crop of DRM-encrusted online music services, especially if tracks are offered at reasonably high bit rates.
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