Weekly Folding update

Welcome back to the Folding update. This week we'll be short and sweet since there's really one main issue that needs to be dealt with. But first, here are the weekly stats and links. They're loud, brash, and suddenly confident. Team Rage3D is gunning for us, and they need to be stopped.

We took an in-depth look at Team Rage3D several months ago. At the time, we were out-producing them and easily left them in our tracks. What we didn't anticipate was that our passing would wake The Beast, aka 1920x1080i-How???. How??? wasn't Folding when we passed Team Rage3D, but he's Folding now. And then some. How??? is contributing almost 120,000 points a day to the Team Rage3D effort and is ranked ninth in the world individually. What's more impressive is the fact that How???'s average daily production is more than double that of the highest-ranked individual Folder.

How???'s contributions have moved Team Rage3D into position to take back seventh place in Folding@home's team rankings. At press time, they are less than 48,000 points behind us and are out-producing us by more than 50,000 points per day. That Team Rage3D will pass us is certain, but how will we respond? We don't have a How??? to carry us on his back, so it will up to us to put forth a good team effort to reclaim our seventh spot. If each of TR's Folders adds a single processor, our daily production could almost pull even with Team Rage3D's. And sooner or later, How??? will stop Folding again. When that inevitable moment comes, we could be poised to pass Team Rage3D again. So, to arms! We worked too hard for the seventh spot in the team rankings to just roll over and give it up without a fight.

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