NVIDIA Crush 19 coming soon?

The Inquirer is reporting that NVIDIA's upcoming Pentium 4 chipset will arrive in April. The chipset is currently code-named "Crush 19" and is expected to come in SLI, Ultra, and vanilla flavors. Unlike NVIDIA's single-chip Athlon 64 chipsets, Crush 19 should include traditional north and south bridge chips.

X-bit labs has additional details on Crush 19, including word that the chipset has been certified by PCI-SIG and will be mass produced in February.

Given that due to external memory controller on Intel-based platforms, NVIDIA is expected to bring dual-chip core-logic for mainboards intended for Intel chips. The MCP04 I/O controller that is proclaimed to be paired with Crush 19 MCH is projected to inherit many features from the nForce4 core-logic, NVIDIA RAID, NVIDIA ActiveArmor firewall, NVIDIA Gigabit Ethernet, Serial ATA-300 and other important technologies, like USB 2.0, FireWire, 8-channel AC’97 audio and so on.
The big question is whether there will be a Crush 19 variant with integrated graphics to take on Intel's 915G and ATI's upcoming RS400.
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