ATI updates Catalyst graphics drivers

ATI has released a new set of Catalyst graphics drivers. According to their release notes, the Catalyst 5.2 drivers offer more than just bug fixes:
Efficiency improvements in vertex processing have produced performance enhancements in key applications such as Far Cry and 3DMark05 on RADEON™ X850, X800 and X700 series products

Far Cry "Regulator" and "Volcano" scores are up as much as 20% on RADEON™ X800 PRO at 1600x1200 resolution

3DMark05 gains range from 1-3% on RADEON™ X800 series products to as much as 9% on some RADEON™ X700 configurations

The new drivers also add a 3D settings submenu to the system tray, allowing users to quickly manipulate things like antialiasing and anisotropic filtering levels without having to load the Catalyst Control Center.
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