New Opteron, Xeon processors on the way

New server and workstation chips from AMD and Intel are set to debut next week. C|Net is reporting that AMD will announce the Opteron 252, a 90-nano chip running at 2.6GHz. It's been more than eight months since AMD launched the 2.4GHz Opteron 250, but the new 252 offers more than just a clock speed boost. The chip will apparently support 1GHz HyperTransport links and SSE3 instructions, features that are expected to trickle down the Opteron line as slower chips are moved to 90-nanometer fabrication.

Not to be outdone, Intel will reveal an "Irwindale" version of its Xeon processor that boasts 2MB of L2 cache. Apart from a larger cache, there's no word on any other features that might distinguish Irwindale from Intel's existing Nocona-core Xeon processors.

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