Intel lifts curtain on new Xeons

Not to be outdone by AMD's announcement today, Intel has taken the wraps off a new generation of Xeon processors. These new Xeons include 2MB of L2 cache, just like the upcoming Pentium 4 600 series is slated to have. They also support Intel's Demand Based Switching which I believe is another name for TM2 throttling. The new Xeons will talk to DDR2-400 memory, as well.

To complement the new Xeons, Intel has introduced the IOP333 I/O storage processor "based on Intel XScale technology, which offers enhanced RAID 6 storage capabilities that protect against dual-disk failures with greater reliability than current methods."

More interestingly, Intel is giving the world a peek at its future plans. Here's a snippet from the press release:

Within 90 days, Intel plans to introduce its IntelĀ® Xeon processor MP processor-based platform with up to 8 MB of a third-level "L3" cache memory reservoir, codenamed "Potomac." In addition, Intel will enable a category of entry-level four-way server platforms utilizing the new Intel Xeon processor MP with 1MB of L2 cache, codenamed "Cranford."

Architected for dual-core, the platforms will include a 64-bit Intel Xeon processor MP, a faster system bus, support for PCI Express and DDR2-400 Memory and Demand-Based Switching with Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology. The platform will also include the Intel E8500 chipset, codenamed "Twin Castle," an advanced chipset designed specifically to support dual core processors with a dual bus technology that handles incoming data faster.

You read that right: dual system busses, and they'll each be running at 667MHz. Slap in a pair of dual-core Xeons, and you're rollin'.

AnandTech has some quick comparative database benchmarks using the new Xeons and Opterons.

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