XGI targets North American market

XGI is apparently looking to break into the North American graphics card market. DigiTimes has the scoop:
XGI Technology, a graphics-solution provider, today announced the signing of a distribution agreement with ASI Corporation to promote and sell graphics cards powered by XGI GPUs in the US market. ASI will market and sell XGI’s Volari series cards, including the Volari V8 for the high-end market, V5 for the mainstream market, and the V3XT and V3 for the value market.
The only XGI-based cards available in North America seem to be low-end Volari V3s, which sell for between $40 and $50. At that price point, there isn't much competition; buyers paying that little for a graphics card probably aren't performance-conscious, either. However, if XGI expects to tackle mid-range and high-end markets, they're going to have to come up with something more compelling than the Volari.
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