Weekly Folding update

Welcome back to the Folding update. We have a variety of things to talk about today, but first, the weekly stats and links: Last week, we discussed Team Rage3D's resurgence. Since then, the Ragers have taken back the #7 ranking that we liberated from them in December. A few members of Team Rage3D stopped by the Distributed Computing forum to say hello and tip their caps as they passed us. That was a classy move, if a little taunting. However, since Team Rage3D passed us last week, we've added almost 3,000 points per day to our production average. It's only a matter of time until we catch them again.

We'd better catch up fast, because drfish has thrown down the gauntlet. The last one to pass Ars Technica's Team Egg roll for sixth place in the Folding@home rankings is an, er, doodyhead. So let's take on Team Rage3D's super Folder and his minions. After all, there's no How??? in team.

In other news, Cass has put together a web site detailing the Frankenbot's Diskless Monstrosity, complete with pictures of the farm's jumble of cables and cords. I'm sure Cass knows where everything is, right Cass?

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