Join us next weekend in Dallas...

I'll be heading down to Texas next weekend for the Texas Gaming Festival's ATI Ultimate LAN party, thrown by Chris Tom from AMDZone. If you can, you should come and join the fun. They're expecting at least 500 people, if not more, and there are plenty of spots open for additional folks.

You can register now if you want to reserve a spot, or you can just show up at the door. Either way, the cost is only $10, and that goes to charity. There's also $30K worth of cash and prizes to be handed out, including lots of hardware and swag. If you've not attended one of these events, it's worth seeing. The amount of free stuff is truly staggering, the network itself makes for some sweet gaming, and the atmosphere is loads of fun. Go read my write-up on this past summer's EverLAN if you want to get a sense of it. You owe it to yourself to attend at least one of these events.

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