Crush 19 at IDF?

The folks over at the Inquirer think NVIDIA's Crush 19 for Intel processors will be present at the upcoming Intel Developers Forum. There is also implication the new chipset will be creatively called "nForce 4 for Intel," and support two PCI Express graphics slot configurations: one x16 for single graphics cards or two x8 slots for SLI. Ironically, the chipset uses HyperTransport to connect the north and south bridge.
The C19SLI Northbridge allows you to have three PCIe 1X slots. The MCP04 south bridge is connected to the north bridge with an 800MHz Hypertransport link and will provide quite a lot of features. You will get four S-ATA II drive support, four IDE drive support, five PCI slots, 1 Gbit Ethernet Nvidia Active armour network with firewall, ten USB 2.0 slots and 7.1 Audio with SPDIF. Nvidia decided to use Azalia compatible audio, but its next Nvidia south bridge is suppose to bring the Sound Storm audio back.
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