Weekly Folding update

Welcome back to the Folding update. This week we're going to take a different look at some of the top teams in the F@H project, but first, the weekly stats and links.

At TR, we are always talking about how our Folding@home endeavor is a real team effort. We don’t have a “Super Folder” like Rage3D’s 1920x1080i-How??? or 2CPU’s OC-AMD. We have a large number of middle-to-high end folders and a huge number of lower production folders who faithfully churn out work units and points to the benefit of Team TR. At least that's what we're always telling each other, but is it true? Are we really a top “team” as opposed to “Some Really Big Folding Powerhouse and His Lackey’s?”

To answer that question, we’re going to take a look at the production of the other top ten teams. The kicker is, we’re gonna do it without each team's top five folders. By cutting the fluff off the top of each team, we’ll see which teams have the better middle of the order hitters.

With the top five folders excluded, 2CPU and Rage3D take the biggest dives. This makes sense, since OC-AMD folds for 2CPU and How??? folds for the Ragers. Maximum PC Magazine and Alliance Francophone miss their top folders the least. Tech Report falls somewhere in the middle of the pack. However, check out the average individual points per day when the top five of each team are excluded.

Only 2CPU has a higher per day average than Team TR without its top five folders. So while TR would definitely miss TheBank, LordIcon, emkubed, drfish and myself, we are not the engine that drives this team. This is a true team, where even the “role players” are substantial contributors. So thank you to all of Team TR for making this team what it is!

In late breaking news, the Official Tech Report Folding Tutorial has been updated and posted. Check it out for the latest and greatest in F@H explanations and instructions.

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