• Carly Fiorina to head World Bank? (thanks p645n)
  • PC Perspective has Intel's dual core info from IDF
  • Legit Reviews spots Intel's 65nm Yonah at IDF
  • AnandTech covers IDF Spring 2005: Craig Barrett's keynote, 65nm multi-core demo, and new Pentium D
  • HEXUS covers IDF Spring 2005: Intel's multi-core strategy, NVIDIA & apparent SLI on P4 (C19),
    manufacturing enhancements to CMOS technology, and silicon photonics to true interconnects
  • PCStats on Intel's 64-bit technology: come late, stay quiet
  • CoolTechZone on current problems with Linux
  • MVKTech has Corsair 4-gigs memory giveaway
  • Rojak Pot has Mushkin March giveaway contest
  • TrustedReviews on Intel's Pentium 4 660 series processors
  • Sudhian Media on Chaintech AV710 and why they love Envy24
  • Elite Bastards and HotHardware on ATI's HyperMemory
  • FiringSquad reviews ATI All-In-Wonder X800 XT
  • VIA Gamers Arena reviews Ulti-Mat mouse pad
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