SoundStorm gone forever?

Hexus has a flashy headline proclaiming that SoundStorm is gone forever, but what is SoundStorm exactly? The name refers to a specific implementation of NVIDIA's nForce2 APU, or more generously, all of the nForce2 APU's audio technologies. If NVIDIA says SoundStorm is dead, that may simply refer to those older audio technologies.

Based on the contents of the Hexus story, it's clear that NVIDIA hasn't completely given up on audio.

Brian Del Rizzo informed us of this fact, and stated that at the recent NVIDIA Editors day in which their CEO and Spiritual leader - Jen Hsun was infact talking about other technologies in which they are exploring audio possibilites, these would eventually end up as sound solutions across all platforms. But he was firm in his statement that it was indeed gone.
That refers to Jen-Hsun Huang's December statement that the new SoundStorm "will come in a way that you won't expect." Perhaps now NVIDIA has decided that its new audio technologies and target implementations bear so little resemblance to the SoundStorm of old that they won't carry the same name.
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