Intel to fork out the cash in i820 fiasco

The HardOCP has a "from the field" report on the situation with Intel 820 chipset-based motherboards that use SDRAM. The two were never a good combo performance-wise, but Intel has recently admitted the SDRAM version of the 820—the CC820—just doesn't work right. The company was intially set to replace Intel-branded motherboards with this problem, but now they're aiming to replace anything with a CC820 chipset in it, if I read the OCP's report right. (Not 100% clear on that, but I believe that's what he's saying.)

CC820 owners are entitled to a refund or to a replacement board that supports Rambus memory, including 128MB of RDRAM. My advice: return the CC820, get the replacement mobo and the 128MB of RDRAM, then sell 'em both. Use the $700 you get out of 'em to buy a Via 133A board and, say, a round-trip flight to London for the weekend.

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