• ASUS announces Pentium M to Socket 478 adapter (thanks Shill & Delta9)
  • Mac Doom 3 benchmarks (thanks dalamar70)
  • HardwareZone's IDF Spring 2005 coverage part II
  • CoolTechZone covers Texas Gaming Festival
  • Legit Reviews interviews DFI's Vivian Lien
  • HEXUS on Linux gaming
  • Guru3D has RivaTuner 2.0 RC 15.4
  • Origo3D's Catalyst roundup 2005 (ATI, Omega, DNA & TC ~ in German)
  • PC Mechanic asks, "To build or buy? That is the question."
  • Tekbunker's World of Warcraft giveaway
  • X-bit labs reviews Sempron 2600+ for Socket 754
  • AnandTech considers OCZ VX memory + DFI nForce4
  • HotHardware reviews ATI TV Wonder Elite
  • Phoronix reviews Scythe LCD Master LM01-GY
  • PenStar Systems reviews 512MB Corsair Flash Voyager
  • Legion Hardware reviews Thermaltake Rocket
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