ASUS creates miraculous socket adapter

On Thursday, ASUSTek announced the "Upgrade Kit CT-479" a socket adapter to outfit Socket 478 Pentium 4 motherboards with the 479 pin Pentium M processor. With these roses come many thorns, however—the adapter requires a special heatsink, is only compatible with a handful of system boards, and it doesn't work with low-voltage processors at all. Desktop Pentium M systems may not be new, but the ASUS adapter will significantly boost the memory bandwidth available to the processor from a single channel of DDR333 RAM to two channels of DDR at 400MHz.

So far, ASUS is being coy about numbers, so it remains to be seen how much the kit will cost, or if the son of Pentium Pro will even benefit from the additional throughput. Except we see signs and wonders, we will not believe...

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