New AGP Radeons to carry $50 price premium

Xbit Labs has pricing information for AGP flavors of ATI's Radeon X800, X800 XL, and X850 XT graphics cards and it looks like the cards will carry a $50 price premium over their PCI Express counterparts. It's not all bad news, though.
The recommended pricing for AGP 8x flavours of graphics cards based on the RADEON X800, X800 XL and X850 XT visual processing units (VPUs) is $249, $349 and $499 respectively. While pricing of the RADEON X800 and X800 XL products is $50 higher compared to pricing of PCI Express x16 versions of similar graphics cards, an ATI spokesperson noted that the RADEON X800 XL for AGP 8x features video-in/video-out (VIVO) capability not available on PCI Express version. Furthermore, the spokesman told X-bit labs that the company was going to have a special rebate program for North America, which would allow users to obtain the RADEON X800 for $199. The official declined to reveal details about the forthcoming deals.
With GeForce 6600 GT AGP cards selling for under $199, a $50 rebate on the Radeon X800 is really a must. Buyers may not see $50 value in the X800 XL's VIVO capabilities, though.
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