Could physics processors be the next big thing?

Fudo at the Inq offers his take on a new Physics Processing Unit, or PPU, being demoed at the Game Developers Conference this week. The chip, called PhysX, goes on a card with 128MB of its own dedicated memory, and its makers hope to sell the cards to gamers. The results are apparently good enough to give Fudo some flashbacks:
We also saw some liquid simulations, where you could see blood spilled more realistically than ever before. It's especially good when you blow up a house into the smallest infinitesimal pieces, or bricks and mortar as the INQ calls them. It actually looks out of this world. I cannot imagine this in a war game. It will blow your minds. It almost looks like Bosnia and Herzegovina 12 years back.
The names of some important developers are thrown about in the article, but it's not clear exactly which of them will actually write software that will use the chip. Apparently some of the titles are close to release. (Thanks to DaveG for the tip.)
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