S3 announces GammaChrome S18 for PCI-E

The folks at S3 have moved their graphics solution over to the PCI Express bus with the introduction of the GammaChrome S18 today. This new GPU is a native PCI Express part, but it's more than just a DeltaChrome with a new interface. The GammaChrome S18 packs a more efficient graphics execution core with more internal mathematical precision in the pixel shaders, higher clock-for-clock performance, and a Chromotion programmable video engine with the ability to drive HDTV displays at resolutions up to 1080p. S3 expects the 3D performance of this four-pipe GPU to rival that of the Radeon X300/X600 series, with better per-clock performance than the competition, especially in vertex processing.

Unfortunately, today's announcement is devoid of any mention of design wins in North America, so it seems likely that the GammaChrome S18 will remain stuck on the sidelines until further notice.

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