AMD announces Turion models, pricing

AMD has revealed additional details on its Turion 64 mobile processor, but the company's latest press release leaves more lingering questions than it answers. Turion-based laptops from Acer and Fujitsu are expected to arrive in distribution channels and retail before the end of the month, but actual chip specs remain elusive. A new series of model numbers has been introduced to help consumers better understand the Turion line, though.
AMD Turion 64 mobile technology models ML-37, ML-34, ML-32, ML-30, MT-34, MT-32, and MT-30 are available immediately worldwide.

In order to help consumers and business professionals simplify their notebook purchasing decisions, AMD Turion 64 mobile technology uses a new series of model numbers designed to provide a simple designation of both relative performance and degree of mobility within the processor family. The two letters of this model number indicate processor class, with the second letter designating increasing degree of mobility, as measured by power consumption.* As the second letter approaches the end of the alphabet, “higher” letters indicate greater mobility. The numbers indicate relative performance within the processor class. Higher numbers indicate higher relative performance among the AMD Turion 64 mobile technology family.

AMD seems reluctant to publish details on Turion's clock speeds, cache sizes, and actual power consumption, but a price list is available. Processors in the seven-chip Turion line cost between $184 and $354, but without additional information on the processors themselves, it's difficult to draw any conclusions.

Update: AMD has in fact published a significant amount of new information about Turion, including a competitive comparsion with the Pentium M that clearly lays out the clock speeds, cache sizes, and power consumption numbers of the different Turion 64 models.

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