Microsoft: Heading for a three-way bust-up

The MS anti-trust trial is heading toward a penalty for Microsoft, and today's events make it look like a break-up of MS is imminent. Judge Jackson expressed appreciation for the DoJ's break-up plan, but asked for a revised version. He seems concerned that busting MS into two companies would only create dual monopolies. If so, a three-way trust bust may be the remedy of choice.

Janet's Reno's gang, meanwhile, hauled out some new e-mail evidence from the keyboard of Bill Gates. Get a load of these comments about leverage MS Office to get a leg up in the handheld market:

"We really need to demonstrate...why our PDA will connect to Office in a better way than other PDAs, even that means changing how we do flexible schema in Outlook and how we tie some of our audio and video advanced work to only run on our PDAs," Gates wrote.
Now MS would never go and do something like that, would they? :)

The zillion-dollar question now is: would busting up Microsoft at this late date really be a Good Thing? I'm waffling.

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