NVIDIA unveils GeForce 6800 Ultra 512MB

Details are sketchy at this point, but NVIDIA has let slip a couple of new cards at CeBit today. The most interesting of the two is probably the 512MB version of the GeForce 6800 Ultra. I know this may come as a shock, but this is a GeForce 6800 Ultra card with 512MB of GDDR3 memory. These cards will be SLI capable. Beyond that, there's no mention in the press release of any major (or minor) changes to the GeForce 6800 Ultra's specification. I do believe this is an actual product announcement, though, and not a technology preview like ATI's recent to-do about 512MB cards.

Also new is a cheaper version of the GeForce 6200 AGP, aimed at a $79 price point. NVIDIA says the GPUs are "shipping now" and should be available "from numerous partners in April."

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