The BX box o' badness or the way of Via?

That's the question I'm asking in my latest article. We rounded up a pair of beefy, 800MHz PIII systems for a BX-Via slugfest—with a twist. Here's how it kicks off:
WHAT IS THE BEST PLATFORM for the Pentium III? Since Intel launched its new Coppermine Pentium III core and removed all doubt they had a formidable competitor to AMD's Athlon, would-be PIII owners have had a problem. Intel's big push for the adoption of Rambus DRAM as the new PC standard has left its hottest processors without a proper, affordable home. A stick of RDRAM still costs more than the GDP of Lithuania, and Intel's 820 chipset—designed with the Coppermine in mind—can't do SDRAM right.

That leaves only a couple of choices: Use Intel's venerable BX chipset, or take a chance with Via's Apollo Pro 133A.

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I should also mention that some of the review hardware for our test box was provided by the good folks at Piecesparts, our new hardware sponsor. Check 'em out for PC parts... and pieces.

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