LCD expands color spectrum via RGB LED backlight

TR reader Jim sends word of a new LCD display from NEC that he says is "Finally something for us Photoshoppers to get excited about." The 21.3-inch LCD uses RGB LEDs for its backlight, allowing it to display finer color gradations than a conventional LCD. NEC says:
The combination of the new LED back-light system and NEC LCD Technologies' own unique super-advanced super-fine TFT ("SA-SFT") technology achieves ultra-wide color gamut of 109% for Adobe(R) RGB in the area ratio of CIE XYZ Chromaticity Diagrams
I think that's good. In fact, NEC claims the display can handle 10-bit grayscale, which is more precision than the standard 24-bit color palette provides. The press release makes no mention of price or response times, but the display sounds like a killer option for design professionals and other artsy types.
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