IBM mouse adapter filters hand tremors

The folks at IBM have come up with a device that should help an awful lot of people use a computer easier:
The "Assistive Mouse Adapter" sits between the mouse and computer and filters out shaking movements of the hand in a way that's similar to stabilization systems found in camcorders. The device, which is designed to work with any computer and operating system, does not require additional software and can be switched on or off. It also can be adjusted to the severity of the tremors, and can filter out unintended multiple clicking on the mouse caused by a shaking finger.
Computers are typically so GUI-centric nowadays that those with certain types of disabilities can have serious problems controlling them. This device could provide some relief. The company that's licensed the design from IBM is already selling them online. Longer term, we fold in order to advance research into cures for diseases like Parkinson's that cause tremors.
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