Put a new rocket in your old socket

My buddy Gadfly at the HardOCP has done an excellent job figuring out how to modify a Socket 370 motherboard to support a FC PPGA Coppermine processor. Yes, the Celerons’ PPGA and the Coppermine FC PPGA form factors look the same, but Intel has changed the spec to force the use of separate motherboards for the two CPUs. As he puts it:

We have all heard the nasty rumors of Intel changing pin outs for the new FC-PPGA PIIIs, you know those Coppermine thingamajigs? Well not only are they ugly rumors but for the most part they are not rumors at all, they are stone cold fact.

What Intel has done this time round to throw us off from using our current Socket370 Celeron Boards, such as the beloved ABIT BP6, is move the Location of the #RESET pin. It has been moved from CPU location X4, where it resides on PPGA Celerons, to Location AH4 on the new FC-PPGAs.

Gadfly hasn’t had the chance to test the modifications he’s suggested yet, and he’s still looking for some feedback. Interesting stuff, nonetheless.

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