Think Secret case explained, editorialized

The Boston Globe has published an excellent commentary on the Think Secret case by Hiawatha Bray. Mr. Bray lays out with clarity the issues in the case, and then he offers his considered take on the matter. An excerpt:
But Think Secret is getting hammered because it's not part of a wealthy media conglomerate that buys ink by the barrel.

What would happen if Apple employees sent their secrets to me, and I made them the subject of next week's column? Would Apple sue The Boston Globe? We should be so lucky. No, Apple decided to tee off on a 19-year-old kid, hoping to make an example of him. It's a bonehead play from a company that's cultivated a warm and friendly image.

Those of you who think, "Surely Apple can't get away with this at the end of the day" on First Amendment grounds or the like ought to read this commentary.
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