Beyond3D tours CeBit looking for graphics morsels

Dave at B3D has written up his CeBit report with an emphasis on graphics developments. He kicks things off with a look at new chipsets and cards from ATI and NVIDIA, but the more intriguing portions of the report, in my view, are the later sections on new GPUs from S3 and XGI.

Dave says XGI is chastened by its experience with the poorly received Volari V8 Duo cards aimed at gamers, and the company will be taking a more careful approach going forward. XGI continues to make intriguing architectural choices, too:

According to the specifications we’ve seen the composition of the chip is a little interesting with two pixel pipelines each with 8 texel samples (2 texture samplers), 4 Pixel Shaders and 8 depth/stencil outputs.
I suppose it could work well. Right?

Dave reports that both XGI and S3 are preparing mobile versions of their products based on NVIDIA's MXM spec, as well.

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