Software aims to filter P2P network content

C|Net has an interesting story on Credence, a program designed to filter out undesirable files from peer-to-peer networks. P2P networks are currently polluted with all sorts or garbage, including spam, dupes, and decoy files planted by anti-piracy groups, but Credence aims to cut through the noise with gossip:
The Cornell researchers' open-source Credence system also starts with users giving ratings to files. But from there, the software "gossips" with other computers to see how other people have rated the same files, looking for evaluations that are similar. When searching for files, the software then gives precedence to results that have been rated highly by this "trusted" community of people whose ratings have matched.

The idea is to filter out spammers who rate their own files as genuine, by simply isolating them outside these communities of computers with good reputations.

You can learn more about the Credence filter here.
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