ATI comments on Radeon X800 XL pricing

ATI's Director of PR, Chris Evenden, has given us a brief statement on the question of Radeon X800 XL pricing and availability. He writes:
The fundamental point here is that the X800XL is available at $299, albeit only from obscure retailers like CompUSA and NewEgg(!) The fact that you can pay more somewhere else is irrelevant - it's available at the price we said it's available for. With that in mind, it's hard to see what ATI is being accused of here. That the X800XL is so popular that some retailers can get away with charging more than other retailers? We can only set the MSRP; we can't (and wouldn't) force retailers to charge it.
Fair enough. As we've said, the X800 XL at $299 is a heckuva deal.
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