The Carmack does cell phone games

I noticed over at the cold, HardOCP that John Carmack says he has been working on cell phone games:
So, for the past month or so I have been spending about a day a week on cell phone development. Somewhat to my surprise, there is very little internal conflict switching off from the high end work during the day with gigs of data and multi-hundred instruction fragment shaders down to texture mapping in java at night with one table lookup per pixel and 100k of graphics. It’s all just programming and design work.
Perhaps not surprisingly, Carmack has a boatload of suggestions for how cell phone hardware vendors could improve their devices as gaming platforms. Apparently, the situation is bleak right now for reasons ranging from lousy input devices to high network latencies to lousy performance in Java. Seems to me like it would be easier at this point for the gaming devices to add phone capabilities than vice versa.
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