Weekly Folding update

Welcome back to the Folding update. A few smaller bits of info this week, but first, the weekly stats and links. The Terahertz Project is progressing nicely. So far, Team TR has added 172.86GHz since the project started. You can add your new boxes here and discuss the project here. The winner of this one gets a really cool shirt in addition to some other neat prizes (prizes TBD). This is a great way to help give the team a boost as we steadily gain ground on the Ragers and all points beyond.

On the Frankenbot front, we've upped a few more 'bots this week. Check the Frankenbot thread above to see details. As long as we're on the topic of Frankenbot, we've had several people ask us how they can donate money rather than parts to the project. Some of us have a few bucks, but no spare parts. Well now we have an answer for you: The Tech Report Frankenbot PayPal Account. Simply PayPal your donation to this address, and it will be used to buy needed parts to get as many bots running as possible. Check here for additional details.

Also on today's menu, TR's presiding UnitedGerbilNation recruiter, Jeffry55 has issued a challenge to his Gerbil brethren. With some recruiting, UGN could easily be the top folder on Team TR and if Jeffry55 has his way, it most certainly will.

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