Scorched Earth creator interviewed

Ars Technica has an interesting interview with Wendell T. Hicken, the creator of the early 90s PC game Scorched Earth. Those of us who are old enough to remember Scorched Earth no doubt remember it fondly. We may even be treated to a new version of the game:
Do you still hold the rights to Scorched Earth, and do you have any plans for further development?

I do. I've talked with several publishers about doing a new official version, and I have hope that one of those will eventually pan out. If I ever get a chance to work on it again, I have some spiffy ideas for the next generation of Scorch games.

Old versions of Scorched Earth are currently available for download at Classic Gaming. The original also inspired an updated 3D version called Scorched 3D, which you can grab here.
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