Google boosts Gmail storage

It appears that 1GB of email storage isn't enough for some people. Google is reportedly increasing its Gmail storage capacity to 2GB per account to keep up with heavy users.
"One gigabyte did seem like a lot, but it turns out there are a lot of heavy users of mail," he said. "They send attachments, share photos. It all adds up." He said Google discourages customers from using Gmail as a vast storage locker for music and video files. He said Google does not disclose the storage patterns of its users, but said a small but not insignificant number of users were close to exceeding the 1GB limit.
Google isn't stopping at 2GB, either. The company has plans to continue to increase storage capacity, although there's no word on how far they'll go.

Despite the fact that Google is boosting Gmail's storage capacity, the email service remains in beta. Google is apparently working on a few new features that are holding back an official release, keeping the service on an invite-only basis for the time being.

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