April Fool's Day

  1. FiringSquad on how one bad apple can ruin it for everybody
  2. t-break interviews Daniel Foster, Sapphire's PR & marketing manager for the EMEA region
  3. eCoustics asks, "Is technology good or bad?"
  4. 3DCenter on graphics chips 2005 (in German)
  5. accelenation has an editorial: HP cartridge refilling & refurbishment
  6. The Tech Zone on the ingredients for a great computer game
  7. Futurelooks reviews EverQuest II
  8. Bytesector reviews MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf

  1. TrustedReviews previews IBM's ThinkPad T43
    and reviews Dell Latitude D410
  2. Viper Lair reviews Pentium 4 3.73GHz Extreme Edition
  3. Digit-Life reviews Foxconn 925XE7AA-8EKRS2
  4. PC Perspective reviews EPoX 9NPA+
  5. HardwareZone's VIA K8T800 Pro (Socket 939) roundup: results and conclusion
  6. A True Review of 120GB Samsung SATA hard drive
Multimedia, casing, and cooling

  1. TechConnect compares dual 6600 GT vs. dual 6800: the SLIdown
  2. TrustedReviews on Kyocera FS-820 personal laser printer
  3. The Tech Zone reviews Dell Axim X50v
  4. PCStats reviews ASUS Vento 3600 case
  5. Overclocker Café and Phoronix review A-Top Technology XPlode chassis
  6. VIA Arena on cooling down your PC part 3: blowhole in a metal case and Star Wars case mod
  7. Techgage reviews A.C. Ryan Backy
  8. Extreme Overclocking reviews asetek VapoChill XE II
  9. XYZ Computing reviews Thermaltake Fanless103 CPU cooler
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