Processor price watching for fun and profit

JC has just recently updated his Pricewatch processor availability and pricing thingy, which is worth reading if you're interested to see how these things stack up. (Scroll down for the best graphs and JC's analysis.) AMD is kicking tail right now—Athlons are cheaper and more widely available at high clock speeds—and JC is optimistic about AMD's prospects over the summer. However, there may be storm clouds on the horizon in the form of Intel's Willamette/Pentium IV:
I still maintain my earlier speculation: I believe that Intel will trail behind AMD in the frequency distribution until the Willamette processor begins shipping in volume -- that is to say, something like the first quarter of next year. At that point, despite the positive assurances of several fellows I know, I may start to get a little nervous about my AMD investment (actually, had it not been for the booming flash market, then my finger would be on the SELL button this upcoming December).

In case you missed it, JC also has some pictures and benchmarks of the AMD Duron. (Thanks newbie.) From the looks of it, the Duron should just about match a current Athlon or Coppermine PIII when it's released. And the T-bird Athlon, then, should be (thermal) greased lightning.

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