AMD set for April 21 dual-core launch

C|Net is reporting that AMD's dual-core Opteron will be announced on April 21. Dual-core Opteron 8xx chips for four- and eight-processor systems are expected to debut first, followed in May by 2xx chips for duallies. The dual-core chips won't be cheap, though.
Expected pricing for the processors ranges from $851 for the Opteron 265 to $1,299 for the Opteron 275. For more powerful chips in the 800 series, prices range from $1,514 for the Opteron 865 to $2,649 for the Opteron 875.
Current speculation projects that Opteron x65, x70, and x75 processors will run at 1.8, 2.0, and 2.2GHz, respectively. Given those clock speeds, a dual-core Opteron 265 could cost more than four times as much as a single-core Opteron 244, which also runs at 1.8GHz. However, there appears to be a chance that early adopters will get a bit of a price break.
In an attempt to encourage rapid adoption, AMD will sell some of the new chips at the same prices as the corresponding single-core models they'll replace, a source familiar with the products said.
Let's hope so. Thanks to Joe for the tip.
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