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The Chinese are making noise about a possible invasion of Taiwan again, warning "that Taiwan's new government included some separatists who would be engulfed in a 'sea of fire.'" One assumes Asus, Abit, and a zillion other tech companies would be burned in the process. So far, the tech world seems to have taken this possibility in stride, but this situation may be more volatile than some think. Here's my favorite bit from the report linked above:
"Taiwan is a raw issue for China," said a Western diplomat. "There is no reason involved here. This is why the international community is alarmed every time the ruling power makes these threats. No one knows if this is just talk or if someday someone will give an order."
It could happen...

Meanwhile, those wacky Canadians¬ómany of whom, I should point out, speak French¬óare upset to learn their government has a detailed, Orwellian database with info on nearly every Canadian citizen. Basically, it looks like one branch of the Canadian government pulled together data from various and sundry goverment databases and indexed it all together. The hope: to identify and supply NBC with a new sidekick for Conan O'Brien.

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